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What Is a Care Manager?

Posted on Tuesday, October 11, 2016 by UVM Health Network - CVMC

By Laura Hubbell, Manager of Care Management, and her amazing team! 

A friend’s healthy aunt was sweeping her kitchen floor one morning when she accidentally tripped over her puppy, landing hard on her ceramic tile floor. She immediately felt sharp pain in her right hip, the point of impact. The fall landed her in the hospital for hip surgery followed by physical therapy for a few days, but she then was told she was ready to leave the hospital. With no family in state and having never experienced an acute medical emergency, where would she turn?

A care manager.

The American Case Management Association (AMCA) will celebrate National Case Management Week October 9 – 15. ACMA is the first case management association specifically designed to address the needs and concerns of the healthcare delivery system and transitions of care. The theme for this year is “Case Management: We Listen. We Care. We Lead”.

The University of Vermont Health Network - Central Vermont Medical Center (CVMC) has 11 case managers, referred to as Care Managers at CVMC. With backgrounds in nursing and social work they use a collaborative approach to care in order to meet the clinical and psychosocial needs of patients and their families.

Care Managers provide:

  • clinical assessment
  • care coordination
  • patient education
  • counseling and support
  • discharge planning
  • resource management
  • patient advocacy

The goal of the Care Management Department is to create the appropriate connections with the health care team, insurance companies and community-based agencies to coordinate and implement a plan of care that is in keeping with the best interests of the patient and their family.

I want to thank the dedicated and talented Care Management team at CVMC for the amazing work they do every day to assist and advocate for patients and families, who are often in a medical crisis.

And how does the CVMC Care Management Department describe what a Care Manager is?

  • “We work towards a safe discharge by providing guidance, information, equipment and services that support the families and patients we serve.”
  • “An air traffic controller for people who are acutely ill; we provide support during the landing and take- off.”
  • “Resourceful and efficient, providing compassionate care for individuals and their families.”
  • “A person who works with patients, families and the healthcare team to create an individualized plan for a successful discharge in a way that works for the patient in their own life.”
  • “A super woman.”
  • “A Care Manager works with and on behalf of patients to assure a smooth transition to the most appropriate post hospital place of care. A CM has empathy, compassion and the strength to be kind and clear when communicating a difficult message to patients and families.”

Learn more about the services our Care Management team provides. 

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