Support Groups

Learn about the support groups, help/hot lines and online resources available to help you or a family member cope with a variety of issues.

Vermont 211

Dialing 2-1-1 is your first step.  Vermont 2-1-1 is a simple number to dial for information about health and human service organizations in your community.  At Vermont 2-1-1, callers will speak with a real person every time.  Call specialists will problem solve and refer callers from throughout Vermont to government programs, community-based organizations, support groups, and other local resources.  Vermont 2-1-1 is a local call from anywhere in Vermont; confidential telephone assistance; available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; live translation services for 170 languages; access for persons who have special needs; ability to transfer emergency calls to 9-1-1;  and accurate, updated information about  community resources in Vermont.


Domestic violence 24-hr Hotline:  800-228-7395
Sexual assault 24-hr Hotline:  800-489-7273
Battered Women's Services and Shelter for Washington County:  877-543-9498


Attention Deficit Disorder Association:  800-939-1019 or
Adoptive Parents of Children with Behavioral Challenges
Easter Seals:  802-223-4744


AIDS Hotline:  800-882-2437

Alopecia Areata (hair loss)

New Hampshire
Dover Support Group:   603-679-5738
Church of Christ at Dartmouth College:  802-333-9409

Alzheimer’s Disease

24 Hour Helpline:  800-272-3900
Newly diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or other memory impairments
The Arbors at Shelburne and Armistead Caregiver Services:  802-985-8600
Rowan Court Nursing Home:  802-476-4166
Community National Bank:  802-476-5116 or 802-476-4822


Vermont Al-Anon Answering Service:  866-972-5266 or 802-860-8388 or
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program (Barre):  802-479-4250
Alcoholics Anonymous in Vermont:  802-229-5100 or
Division of Alcohol & Drug Abuse Programs:  802-651-1550 offers information, tools and videos that illustrate simple, proven steps parents can take with their children to help reduce underage drinking.


Approach Autism with Advocacy Education and Recovery:  802-229-9203
AAWARE of Central Vermont:  802-249-7961 or 802-229-2526
Autism Society of Vermont:  800-559-7398 or
Central Vermont Collaborative for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders:  802-476-1480
Division of Disability and Aging Services:  802-241-2863
Department of Education:  802-828-5116


Central Vermont Home Health & Hospice:  802-223-1878
Central Vermont Medical Center, Interfaith Chaplain:  802-371-4376
Hospice and Palliative Care Council of Vermont:  802-229-0579
Hospice Volunteer Services:   802-388-4111
Pregnancy and Infant Loss (CVMC):  802-371-4478
Living with Loss:  802-747-3713
Compassionate Friends (Good Shepherd Lutheran Church):  802-446-2278
Survivors of Suicide:  802-773-6747


Division for the Blind and Visually Impaired:  802-828-2762 or 800-708-7681 or
Vermont Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired:  802-828-5997 or 877-350-8838 or

Brain Injury

Division of Disability and Aging Services - Traumatic Brain Injury Program:  802-241-1456
Brain Injury Association of Vermont:  For information on support groups call 1-877-856-1772
Disability Rights Vermont:  802-229-1355


La Leche League of Central Vermont:  802-244-7416 or 802-223-0873
Central Vermont Medical Center:  802-371-4415
Vermont Department of Health:  802-863-7333 or
Lactation Consultation and Breastfeeding Support:  802-479-4200


American Cancer Society:  800-227-2345 or
Not Just a Patient (contact by email): or
Cancer Patient Support Program:  802-847-4848 or 800-358-1144 ext. 4848 or
Road to Recovery (transportation to cancer treatment and home again):  802-229-6289 or 800-ACS-2345
Women with Cancer – Look Good, Feel Better:  802-229-0366 or 800-ACS-2345
Reach to Recover – Breast Cancer Support:  802-872-6308 or 800-ACS-2345
I Can Cope:  802-223-6196, 802-223-7342, 802-225-5400 or 800-ACS-2345
Cancer Healing (variety of cancer support groups):  802-229-2234
Cancer Support Potluck:  802-229-5931
Caregivers:  802-223-1878
Energy Healing:  802-223-6043
Christian Mediation:  802-223-6043
Adaptive, Gentle Yoga:  802-229-1134
Look Good . . . Feel Better:  802-229-0366
Kindred Connections:  800-652-5064

Caregiver Workshop/Training
Central Vermont Home Health & Hospice:  802-223-1878

Celiac Disease

Celiac Support Group of Vermont:
Central Vermont Celiac Support Group:  802-598-9206 or
CSA Celiac Support Group of Vermont (Fairfax):  802-527-0224


Central Vermont Medical Center – Diabetes Support Group:  802-279-7700
American Diabetes Association:  800-342-2383 or

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence 24-hr Hotline:  800-228-7395
Sexual assault 24-hr Hotline:  800-489-7273
Battered Women's Services and Shelter for Washington County:  877-543-9498
Battered Women’s Services and Shelter:  802-223-0855
AWARE:  802-472-6463
Sexual Assault Crisis Team Hotline, Barre, Vermont:  802-476-1388

Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome Network of Vermont: 802-223-0113

Energy Healing



Epilepsy Foundation of Vermont: 802-775-1686

Gay and Lesbian Adoptive and Foster Families

Casey Family Services, Burlington:  802-655-6688

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Montpelier:  802-476-1480
Senior Help Line:  800-642-5119
Generations United:  202-638-1263 or
AARP Grandparent Information Center:  202-434-2296 or
Grandsplace:  860-763-5789 or

Independent Living

Central Vermont Support Group:  802-229-0501

Mental Health

Vermont Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health:  800-639-6071

Family Members with Mental Illness:
Berlin Family to Family - National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI):  800-639-6480
NAMI – Central Vermont:  802-223-3376

Multiple Sclerosis

National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Vermont Office:  802-864-6356
Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, Colchester, Vermont:  802-899-3367
Multiple Sclerosis Association of America:  800-532-7667
Northern New England Multiple Sclerosis Center:  802-847-4589


Narcotics Anonymous (24 hour hotline):  802-773-5575
Turning Point Center:  802-479-7373


Adoptive Parents w/ Challenging Children - Casey Family Services:  802-244-1408 / Toll Free:  800-244-1408 or
Mothers of Preschoolers:
Nurturing Fathers:  802-498-0611 or 800-children
Nurturing Parenting Program for Families in Substance Abuse Recovery:  802-498-0611 or 800-children or
Parent Information and Resource Center:  800-800-4005 or
Parents of Teens (Youth Service Bureau):  802-229-9151
Parenting Together:  800-children

Playgroups for Children:
WCSU Early Childhood Education Program:  802-262-3292
Family Center of Washington County:  802-828-8765

Parkinson’s Disease

American Parkinson’s Disease Association, Vermont Chapter:  802-847-3366
Central Vermont Parkinson’s Support Group:  802-540-8153

Stroke Support

Fletcher Allen (Rebecca Louko Rehab Outpatient Center):  802-847-0142

Substance Abuse

Central Vermont Substance Abuse Services:  802-223-4156
Washington County Youth Service Bureau:  802-229-9151
Marijuana & Narcotics Anonymous:  802-479-7373
Nurturing Parenting Program for Families in Substance Abuse Recovery:  802-498-0611 or 800-children or
Tobacco Cessation (Vermont Quit Network):  802-371-5945
Turning Point Center:  802-479-7373


Middlebury:   802-989-2487
South Burlington:  802-479-9450
Wallingford:  802-446-3577

Weight Control

Overeaters anonymous – Green Mountain North Intergroup:  802-863-2655
Barre:  802-479-1409 or 802-249-0414
Montpelier:  802-223-3079
Take Off Pounds Sensibly (TOPS):  802-888-5404 or 802-476-8345


For Women 60+:  802-476-3935
Rocking Horse Circle of Support:  802-479-1086
Post-Partum depression:  802-479-4200

Substance Abuse Treatment, Housing, and Recovery Support

Residential Treatment

Act I/Bridge Program
184 Pearl Street
Burlington, VT 05401
(Short term, Detoxification Program)

Brattleboro Retreat
Anna Marsh Lane
Brattleboro, VT 05301
1-800-738-7328 Fax- 802-258-3791
(Adult Residential/Detox and Co-occurring)

Serenity House
98 Church Street
PO Box207
Wallingford, VT 05773
(Adult Residential)

Valley Vista
23 Upper Plain
Bradford, VT 05032
(Residential for Women & Adolescents)

Maple Leaf Farm
10 Maple Leaf Rd.
Underhill VT 05489
(Adult Residential)

Conifer Park
79 Glenridge Rd.
Schenectady, NY 12302
(518) 399-6446

Longer Term Treatment

Teen Challenge Vermont
1296 Collins Hill Rd.
Johnson, VT 05656
(Adult Residential, Longer Term, Faith Based Program)

Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation
Portland, ME
(Longer term, Residential/Faith Based)

Phoenix Marathon Center
1 Pierce Rd. Box 319
Dublin, NH
(Longer term residential)

(Typically don’t accept VT Medicaid)

Outpatient Treatment Programs & Medication Assisted Therapy

Washington County:

Central Vermont Substance Abuse Services
100 Hospitality Dr.,  Berlin, VT  (802)-223-4156
(Intensive Outpatient, Crash, Medication Assisted Therapy)

BAART- Behavioral Health Services
300 Granger Rd. Berlin, VT (802) 223-2003
(Methadone Program)

Washington County Youth Service Bureau
38 Elm Street, Montpelier VT 05602
(Adolescent Outpatient)

Synergy Counseling Group LLC
34 Barre St. Suite #2
Montpelier, VT 05602

Suboxone Treatment
Treatment Associates
Dr. Stone
Montpelier, VT 05602