Running/Gait Analysis

At Central Vermont Medical Center our specially trained Physical Therapists provide video gait analysis and footwear recommendations for walkers and runners.

At CVMC Rehabilitation Services, licensed physical therapists provide video gait analysis with specific footwear recommendations. All therapists have received continuing education in this area and specialize in analysis of gait.

In addition to individual therapy, CVMC offers several Running/Gait Analysis Clinics throughout the year that are free to the public. To find out about upcoming clinics, check our Running Clinic event page, like us on Facebook, or give us a call at 802-371-4242.

About Gait Analysis

A physical therapist is skilled at evaluating gait during all phases of walking and running. Gait can be observed by watching you walk either around the clinic or on a treadmill. Your gait can also be videotaped so an analysis can be completed in slow motion on a frame-by-frame basis. A gait analysis is appropriate for somebody who is having pain in their back or lower body while walking or running. Based on your gait analysis, a therapist can make recommendations for footwear, orthotic need (click here to learn more about orthotics) and exercises.  

Footwear Recommendations

Footwear recommendations are based on the way your foot hits the ground. If your foot hits in a neutral manner—not rolling in (pronating), or out (supinating) too much—then a stability shoe is ideal. If you are an over-pronator (some degree of pronation is normal), a motion control shoe is appropriate. For a supinated foot, a cushioned shoe is recommended.

Walking Evaluation

Ideal walking form is to stand up straight so you aren’t leaning forward or backwards, eyes forward so your chin is parallel to the ground, shoulders relaxed, fists unclenched, elbows close to body and your feet should strike with your heel first and push off with your toe.

Running Evaluation

Ideal running form is a level pelvis, level eyes, relaxed hands, elbows 80-100 degrees flexed, flexed knee under center of mass at strike, soft heel strike or midstrike and symmetry.

Individualized Exercise Programs

Exercise programs are tailored to each individual, but in general it is good to warm up before you walk or run and to stretch after your muscles are warmed up. Areas to focus on for stretching are your calves, quadriceps, hamstrings, hips, chest and arms. In addition, strengthening exercises might be needed to assist with developing an ideal gait pattern.

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