Your Hospital Stay

Learn what you need to know to prepare for your hospital stay at CVMC's Birthing Center and what to expect while you are here.

While most of the information in the section on For Inpatients applies to maternity patients, expectant parents have some additional things to think about.

Preparing for Your Stay

Birthing Center Tours

We encourage you to attend our monthly Open House, held to first Wednesday of every Month, to learn more about our full range of services, ask questions, meet staff members and tour our new Garden Path Birthing Center.

Learn more about our Birthing Center tours.

What to Bring

It is always recommended that you pack your bag ahead of time. And don't forget that your baby's dad or your partner who will be staying with you should also bring extra clothing and personal toiletries.

  • Comfortable clothing (nightgown, slippers, etc.), as well as clothing for after the delivery and to go home you. Most new mom's can comfortably fit into their 5 to 6 month maternity wear.
  • Maternity or nursing bra
  • Personal toiletries
  • Eyeglasses
  • Baby clothes to bring your newborn home in, and a blanket or cover for the car seat, especially during the colder months.

Car Seats

Sixty percent of car seats are not used correctly. Vermont law requires all children up to age 8 to ride in a federally approved safety seat. To ensure that your child is riding safely, get a free safety seat inspection from a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician. Learn about car seat inspections at your local fire departments.

For more information about car seat safety, go to the Vermont Department of Health's Be Seat Smart website at

During your Stay

Our Garden Path Birthing Center was built with you in mind. Private rooms, labor tubs, views of Spruce Mountain, and room service are just a few of the amenities. Our knowledgeable and helpful staff will give you the information you need to choose the birthing options that work best for you.

Meal Service

Room service is available to you during your stay at CVMC. We hope you enjoy our many homemade entrees and fresh, local ingredients chosen by our Registered Dietitian and culinary trained chef. View our Room Service 4 You menu.

  • Special Dietary Needs: We are happy to comply with any special needs. A menu that is appropriate for your medical needs in accordance with the nutrition prescription your doctor has ordered for you can also be arranged.
  • Visitor Meals: All new mothers can also have one person of their choosing dine with them, free of charge, at each meal using the room service menu. For more information about other meal options as well as other hospital amenities, click here.


We strive to provide each person the best care, in the right place, at the right time, every time. During your hospital stay the best way to do this is for a member of our staff to check on you (or your family member) frequently.

One way of providing care for you is by doing “Rounding.” By using this method we will be able to manage your overall care better. Please do not hesitate to ask your nurse any questions you may have about rounding or anything else.

While rounding, we will be checking:

  • Your pain level.
  • Your position and your baby’s position in the crib.
  • Any personal needs you may have.
  • For your safety, we will make sure items are in your reach.

Our intent is to provide the best possible care for our patients and their families in a safest, most comfortable environment.

Who will be rounding?
A member of the Women and Children’s staff.

Will you be waking me?
No, we will not wake you (or your family member) unless it is time for treatment or  medications.

What if I have other needs?
We promise to address all of your (or family member’s) needs.

Please feel free to share your concerns or needs with your nurse, the Nurse Director, or by calling (802) 371-4299.


Staff Identification

All hospital employees and volunteers are required to wear a photo ID. Be sure all of your caregivers are wearing an identification badge with their picture on it. Please check with the staff so you can readily identify staff that should be providing.

Patient Identification

As part of our commitment to patient safety, all patients are identified by patient ID wrist bands. The bands also have a bar code that carries important patient information. Remind all caregivers to look at your identification bracelet before giving medication, drawing blood or performing a procedure. For your safety, please do not remove this bracelet. Infants are banded with their own set of bands and Mom and one other person is identified with an infant band.