Stress Management

At Central Vermont Medical Center we offer stress management techniques to our cancer patients to help relieve the stress and pressure of cancer treatment and aid in the healing process.

Relaxation, Stress Management and Imagery

Your attitude and emotions can make a difference in how you experience cancer treatment.  Learn and practice techniques which assist your mind to help your body. (Your insurance may be billed.)

Contact: Cathy W. Rousse, MSW, LICSW at 225-5400


Reiki is a subtle and effective form of energy healing that increases the body’s energy level.  It is a healing practice used in many health care settings, including cancer centers.  It can ease tension and stress, and is pleasant and relaxing.  Our Reiki practitioners volunteer their services two days a week. 

To arrange a Reiki session, Mountainview Medical patients should call 225-5400 and National Life Cancer Treatment Center patients should call 225-5820.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can be an important complementary therapy for cancer patients. Massage therapy provides patients with an effective way to alleviate the stresses that come with a serious illness, and can help minimize the discomfort and pain caused by the side effects of cancer treatments. According to the American Cancer Society, massage therapy can provide the following benefits:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Lessen pain and stiffness, sometimes reducing the need for pain medication
  • Decrease the pain of headaches and backaches
  • Improve muscle strength, flexibility, and coordination
  • Bring a temporary feeling of well-being

For more information, call us at 802-225-5820.


Acupuncture is one part of Oriental Medicine that is used commonly in China and in the US as a complement to cancer treatment. The research and thousands of years of experience show it's effectiveness at treating most illness. Acupuncture is used at CVMC's National Life Cancer Treatment Center to support the cancer treatment process by reducing the possible side effects and managing anxiety.

Provided by Joshua Singer, L.Ac. To schedule an appointment please call 802-225-5820.