Functional Capacity Evaluation

At Central Vermont Medical Center our Physical Therapists perform Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs) following a work-related injury to evaluate an individual's ability to return to work.

At CVMC Rehabilitation Services, Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) are performed by a licensed physical therapist. An FCE is a comprehensive, objective test of an individual’s ability to perform work related tasks, following a work related injury.

The purpose of an FCE is to assess the individual’s physical capabilities by testing safe, maximum workload capacity while accurately documenting these observations. An individual’s physical abilities and limitations are compared to the physical and functional findings.

Information gained through an FCE provides important insight and serves as a critical tool for doctors to use when deciding if and at what level an individual is capable of returning to work.

What to Expect at Your FCE

The FCE is performed one-on-one between the physical therapist and client.  It takes several hours within a one- or two-day period, and can be physically challenging for the client.  During the FCE, the client may receive continuous cueing and feedback to correct unsafe movements, body mechanics, or techniques throughout the exam.

The FCE is an integral part of the return-to-work process.  Positive feedback about Functional Capacity Evaluations has come from professional areas such as industry, insurance, workers’ compensation, law firms and medicine.  It is the foundation for an effective work injury management system. When a comprehensive, objective FCE is put into optimum use it will assist all who need functional work information.  

Our Certified FCE Staff

Our Functional Capacity Evaluations are provided by licensed physical therapists who are certified functional evaluators.

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