Side Effects and Pain Management

Patients with cancer can find compassionate support to help manage pain and side effects of cancer and treatment. Find lymphedema therapy, medical nutrition therapy, and cancer support in Berlin, VT.

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Patients and families can turn to the compassionate experts at Central Vermont Medical Center for help with managing the physical, mental, and emotional side effects of cancer and cancer treatments. Our specialists will listen to your concerns, understand your unique needs, and create a plan that works for you.  

Options and Services for Patients

  • Medication: We offer a wide range of medications to help manage unpleasant or painful side effects associated with cancer and cancer treatments.
  • Complete blood count (CBC) tests: Before each chemotherapy treatment, we will perform a CBC to measure your levels of white and red blood cells and platelets. If your counts are too low, we may reschedule your appointment or recommend a blood transfusion to replace lost or damaged blood cells.
  • Lymphedema therapy: Patients with breast cancer or cancer that affects the lymph nodes may experience lymphedema, or fluid buildup and swelling of the arms, fingers, or legs. We offer comprehensive lymphedema treatment  at CVMC Rehabilitation Therapy.
  • Medical nutrition therapy: Our certified medical nutrition therapists can help you maintain a healthy weight and proper nutrition during treatment and manage side effects such as dehydration, weight loss, and appetite changes.
  • Support services: Our social workers will provide information, resources, and personalized support to help improve your mental health and emotional wellness every step of the way.

To learn more about how we can help manage your pain, call us at 802-225-5400.

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