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Our staff in Medical Records department is here to help you obtain copies of your medical records and answer any questions you might have about your medical records.

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Medical Records, known as Health Information Management, is the department that maintains all the records about your health care. Your Medical Record is an important, private document. In it is recorded information about your visits to your doctors, any tests you may have had (such as in the laboratory, x-ray department or elsewhere), any information about medical center stays and comments from your health care providers. It is the road map for your health and health care throughout your life. Should you need emergency care or care elsewhere; your medical record helps ensure that the person helping you is aware of your medical history, conditions and previous treatments.

Privacy with Your Medical Records

There are many rules and guidelines to make sure your records remain private or confidential, such as:

  • We can release records to other physicians or health care facilities without your consent for follow up care or if it is a medical emergency. When records are released we take reasonable precautions that the physician is providing follow up care, that the patient is transferring, etc.
  • Patients cannot get a copy of a spouses' records unless he or she signs a form giving us permission.
  • When you "sign up" for Worker's Compensation benefits you have agreed to release medical record information about that injury to Worker's Comp. If they need anything else, such as old records, we need your consent.
  • We require identification before we will release your records even to you.
  • We do not release confidential information over the phone.

Getting Copies of Your Medical Records:

If you would like a copy of your record, we will be glad to help you complete a written request located in our department. If you are unable to come to the office, we also accept a signed authorization form that can be printed from this webpage. We will mail the records as soon as possible.

Reasonable cost-based fees may be imposed for copying, postage, and preparing a summary or explanation. All fees charged shall be in accordance with applicable federal and state laws. We waive the fee when sending records directly to a physician or other healthcare facilities.

For radiology images, please contact Diagnostic Imaging at 802-371-4252.

To request a copy of your medical records, please use the following form:

Authorization to Release Patient Health Information HIM-050.pdf

Medical Records

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