OneCare Vermont

Central Vermont Medical Center is working to transform the way health care is paid for and delivered by participating in Vermont’s statewide accountable care organization, OneCare Vermont.

OneCare Vermont logoCentral Vermont Medical Center is leading efforts throughout the state and region to transform the health care system, working in partnership with other hospitals, health organizations and providers. The goal is to maintain the highest quality of care while containing costs and improving care coordination — ensuring that patients receive the right care, at the right time, in the right place.

One of the ways Central Vermont Medical Center is doing this is by participating in Vermont’s statewide accountable care organization, OneCare Vermont. OneCare is working to transform the way health care is paid for and delivered by shifting from a model that rewards for more tests and services, to one that incentivizes value of care to the patient. Central Vermont Medical Center participates in OneCare Vermont because we believe in offering the best care possible to Vermonters—and because we support the shift to value-based care.

“Nationally, we need a health care system that actually functions as system. Part of that is changing the financial incentives so that we reward improving outcomes like patient experience and health. Vermont has the needed conditions to make this a reality: health care providers who want the change, legal and regulatory frameworks focused on reform, and a one-of-a-kind arrangement with the federal government under the all-payer model that supports these efforts. OneCare is the organizing force that brings it all together.” 

~ Anya Rader-Wallack, OneCare Vermont Board Chair

What is an Accountable Care Organization (ACO)?

An association of health care organizations that provide coordinated care and chronic disease management, which improves the patient's quality of care. The accountable care organization's payment is tied to attaining health care quality goals and outcomes that result in cost savings.

What is OneCare Vermont?

OneCare is Vermont’s local, 501(c)(3) accountable care organization (ACO), partnering with health care providers to transform the state’s health care system. By managing network performance, giving health care providers actionable data and analytics, and providing payments in a structure that incentivizes quality of care and improved population health, OneCare supports participating organizations in their work to deliver excellent health care to Vermonters. Through this partnership, OneCare moves Vermont toward a trusted, equitable health care system where patients and providers work together to achieve optimal health and an exceptional care experience.

OneCare Vermont is one of hundreds of ACOs in the country announced January 10, 2013 by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) under the Medicare Shared Savings Program, established under the Affordable Care Act to facilitate coordination and cooperation among providers, to improve the quality of care for Medicare fee-for-service beneficiaries and reduce unnecessary costs. The providers in the network will be responsible for closely coordinating patient care, particularly for those with chronic conditions, with the aim of reducing the rate of growth in health care spending.

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