Preventative Breast Care

Preventative care, such as Clinical Breast Exams and Screening Mammograms, are the key to early detection. Learn about recommended screening guidelines and the services provided at CVMC

Clinical Breast Exams

Clinical Breast Exams are performed as part of a routine health exam by your primary provider. The American Cancer Society recommends this exam about every three years for women in their 20s and 30s and every year for women 40 and over.

Screening Mammograms

A screening mammogram is an exam used to detect early breast cancer in women experiencing no symptoms. Mammography plays a central role in early detection of breast cancers because it can show changes in the breast up to two years before a patient or physician can feel them.

Current guidelines recommend screening mammography every year for women, beginning at age 40. In addition, women who have had breast cancer and those who are at increased risk due to a genetic history of breast cancer should seek expert medical advice about whether they should begin screening before age 40 and about the frequency of screening.

CVMC performs approximately 10,000 screening mammograms a year. To find out more about mammograms, screening guidelines, and scheduling and preparing for your mammogram at CVMC, click here.

Paying for Your Mammogram

CVMC is committed to providing every woman her recommended mammograms.  CVMC’s Patient Navigator works with women who have insurance or financial challenges to find the best way to get their mammograms paid for.  Find out more about how we can help.

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