Spinal Cord Rehabilitation

Central Vermont Medical Center has a skilled team of rehabilitation therapists who specialize in outpatient spinal cord rehabilitation.

CVMC Rehabilitation Services has a skilled team of providers who specialize in outpatient spinal cord rehabilitation for individuals who have returned home following their initial course of rehabilitation in an acute rehabilitation center.

Maximizing Your Independence at Home

Although a person with a spinal cord injury will reach a certain level of independence following acute rehab, and then working with home health services, the rehabilitation process is not over once a person has transitioned home. Higher levels of independence and function can still be achieved in an outpatient therapy program that focuses on strength, balance and coordination.

Our team of therapists at CVMC provides you with an individualized program that will enable you to maximize your function to the extent that your specific spinal cord injury will allow.

About Spinal Cord Injuries

The spinal cord is the pathway along which messages travel from the brain and the rest of the body.  It can be compromised in numerous ways. Trauma, tumors, ischemia, disease, and developmental disorders are among the many ways in which the spinal cord can be damaged. Impairments of movement and/or sensation are the result of spinal cord insults.  The degree of involvement is dependent on where and to what extent the spinal cord is injured. The deficits can range from mild motor and/or sensory compromise to complete motor and sensory loss below the level of injury.

Acute Rehabilitation and Home Care

In most instances, once medically stabilized, a person who sustains a spinal cord injury will undergo an initial course of rehabilitation in an acute rehabilitation center.  The purpose of acute rehab is to maximize the person’s initial level of independence through the combined efforts of a well coordinated team of medical providers. Following acute rehab, most patients will be discharged home with home health services. Home health services, consisting of nursing and rehab, will help them (and their family) make the transition from the acute rehab setting to home with the least amount of difficulty possible.

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