Cognitive Rehabilitation

At Central Vermont Medical Center our Occupational and/or Speech Language Therapists provide therapies that aid in the recovery from traumatic brain injuries.

Cognitive (thinking) difficulties are very common in people with brain injury. Cognitive Rehabilitation can be an important component of one’s recovery after a traumatic brain injury or other neurological event.

At CVMC Rehabilitation Services, clients work with our occupational and/or speech language therapists to engage in functional tasks designed to improve, remediate or accommodate for challenges in daily activities.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists typically focus on memory, attention, sequencing, comprehension and processing skills necessary for independent living. The goal of therapy is to enable each client to meet their maximal potential for return to work, self-care and leisure activities. The participation of family or a “coach” is highly recommended for carry over of functional strategies at home or in the workplace.

Speech Language Therapy

People with a brain injury often have cognitive and communication problems that significantly impair their ability to live independently. These problems vary depending on how widespread brain damage is and the location of the injury. Our speech-language pathologists (SLP) work with the person and his or her family/caregivers as part of a team.


Brain injury survivors may have trouble finding the words they need to express an idea or explain themselves through speaking and/or writing. It may be an effort for them to understand both written and spoken messages, as if they were trying to comprehend a foreign language. They may have difficulty with spelling, writing, and reading, as well. The person may have trouble with social communication, including: taking turns in conversation, maintaining a topic of conversation, using an appropriate tone of voice, interpreting the subtleties of conversation (e.g., the difference between sarcasm and a serious statement), responding to facial expressions and body language, keeping up with others in a fast-paced conversation.


Cognition (thinking skills) includes an awareness of one's surroundings, attention to tasks, memory, reasoning, problem solving, and executive functioning (e.g., goal setting, planning, initiating, self-awareness, self-monitoring and evaluation).

SLPs work with the client using both clinical and functional rehabilitation treatments to address deficits in attention, memory, and executive functioning.


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