Financial Assistance

Get information on Central Vermont Medical Center's financial assistance programs and application process for uninsured patients and those with financial hardships.

Central Vermont Medical Center is a patient-centered organization committed to treating all patients equitably, with dignity and respect regardless of the patient's healthcare insurance benefits or financial resources. For persons who have essential healthcare needs that are medically necessary and are uninsured, underinsured, ineligible for a government program or otherwise unable to pay, we have financial assistance programs in place, including discounted and free care. Your inability to pay for medical services should not prevent you from receiving the care you need.

Patient Financial Assistance Guidelines:  In accordance with financial need, eligible services under this policy will receive financial assistance based upon the federal poverty guidelines. The amount of assistance provided to a patient will vary based upon their income level and the grant awarded shall ensure the patient is not responsible for more than the amount generally billed to an insured patient.

As defined by the IRS, eligible patients cannot be charged more for emergency or other medically necessary care than amounts generally billed to individuals who have insurance coverage.  The average generally billed (AGB) to patients is calculated using the “Look-Back method”; actual claims paid to the organization by Medicare only or claims paid to the organization by Medicare together with all private health insurers,  including any associated portions of these claims paid or owed by beneficiaries. 

Financial Assistance Program

For patients who express financial hardship, the Central Vermont Medical Center offers free or discounted assistance programs, sometimes referred to as charity care. Our program is based upon the Federal Poverty Level Guidelines (FPLG) and eligible patients must pass both an income and assets test to qualify. In addition:

  • Patients must live in our service area. They must be full time Vermont residents or residents living greater than 6 months in Vermont.
  • Patients living outside of the service area would qualify for emergency care only.
  • Service must be medically necessary (e.g. Cosmetic, IVF, Sterilization reversals, are not eligible).
  • Patients who are eligible for government sponsored programs are required to apply for Medicaid before they will be considered for this program.
  • Household income and assets must be below 400% of the FPLG.
  • Patients above 400% of the FPLG are invited to present extenuating circumstances in the form of a letter to be reviewed by an appeals committee.
  • If services are above 400% of the FPLG and are catastrophic in nature, coverage is available when the balance due exceeds 50% of the annual household income.

View 2024 Monthly Income and Assets Guidelines (These guidelines are subject to change at any time.)

To be considered for the Central Vermont Medical Center Financial Assistance Program, complete the application below:

Financial Application Form    Policy Summary

The following documents that apply to your situation are also required:

  • Your most recent Federal Income Tax return, including schedule C if self-employed.
  • If employed, copies of pay stubs for the last 3 months (or those available), or statement from Employer.
  • If you are receiving Social Security benefits and/or pension payments, please send a copy of your check or deposit statement.
  • If you receive unemployment compensation, general assistance or food stamps, please send a copy of a recent document showing the amount of your benefit

Central Vermont Medical Center
P.O. Box 547
Barre, VT 05641
Attn: Patient Financial Assistance Program

If you have any questions regarding Central Vermont Medical Center’s Financial Assistance Program or your application status, contact the Financial Counseling office at 802-371-4600 Option 1, Option 1.

Health Assistance Program

The Health Program (HAP) is here to help eligible low- and middle-income families get prescription medications at no cost, even if you have insurance.

If You Qualify

  • All co-pays and costs are waived for both brand-name and generic prescriptions. For example, a family of four with a household income of $100,000 could save up to $600 per month on out of pocket costs at the pharmacy.
  • Medications can be picked up at a UVM Health Network pharmacy or conveniently mailed to your home.

HAP Also Provides:

  • Access to eyeglasses and medical equipment.
  • Assistance with enrollment in state and federal programs, including obtaining insurance through the Vermont Health Connect exchange.
  • Advocacy and support with obtaining other health care related resources.

Call: 802-847-6984 or toll-free at 888-739-5183, Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 5 pm.

Government-Assisted Programs

The state of Vermont's Green Mountain Care is a family of low-cost and free health coverage programs for Vermonters. Green Mountain Care provides uninsured Vermonters with access to quality, comprehensive healthcare coverage at a reasonable cost, including the Dr. Dynasaur and Medicaid programs. To learn more about these programs or to find out which program is best for you, visit

Vermont Health Connect

If you are an individual or own or work for a small business without health insurance, visit Vermont Health Connect to enroll in a health plan.

Financial assistance is available for most Vermonters who buy a health plan through Vermont Health Connect.

Learn More

Providers Who Offer Discounted Care

Not all providers are covered by our financial assistance policy, but the providers listed below do offer discounted care at the Central Vermont Medical Center. If your provider is not listed they are not covered under the financial assistance policy.

Here is how discounted care breaks down by the different types of bills you will receive:

  • Hospital Bills: All Central Vermont Medical Center eligible services are covered under the financial assistance policy.
  • Provider Bills: To determine if your provider is covered under the financial assistance policy, please see the list below:
Provider Name Practice Name
Abramowitz, Lauren MSN, RN, FNP-BC CVMC Integrative Family Medicine - Montpelier
Alberghini, Michelle PT CVMC Rehabilitation Therapy - Berlin
Ali, Khalil MD CVMC Neurology
Altebrando, Grace APRN CVMC Family Medicine - Main Campus
Amey, Katherine PMHNP CVMC Family Psychiatry
Anker, Christopher MD CVMC Radiation Oncology
Apel, Nicole PA CVMC Adult Primary Care - Barre
Aremburg, Kelly PT, DPT CVMC Rehabilitation Therapy - Northfield
Aruzza, Tyler PT, DPT CVMC Rehabilitation Therapy - Montpelier
Aubin, Christopher PA-C CVMC Orthopedics & Spine Medicine
Auletta, Jennifer MA, LCMHC, BC-DMT CVMC Women's Health
Avery, Sarah PT, WCC, CLT CVMC Rehabilitation Therapy - Berlin
Ayer, Dominic PA-C CVMC Emergency Department
Baalachandran, Ramasubramanian MBBS CVMC Pulmonology
Barker, Julia MD CVMC Dermatology
Barrett, Kay Psych-MA CVMC Family Medicine - Main Campus
Bartolomei, Karla PT CVMC Rehabilitation Therapy - Montpelier
Bean, Kate RD, CDE, CWC CVMC Family Medicine - Main Campus
Bean, Christian MD CVMC Orthopedics & Sports Medicine - Berlin
Beaudry, Melissa MSN, FNP-BC CVMC Cardiology
Begly, John MD CVMC Orthopedics & Sports Medicine - Berlin
Bellear, Charlotte OTR/L CVMC Rehabilitation Therapy - Berlin
Best, Kate FNP CVMC Adult Primary Care - Barre
Blair, Sarah MD CVMC Anesthesiology
Blum, Jared MD CVMC Emergency Department
Bolton, Kenyon MD CVMC Hospitalist Program
Bond-Webster, Kristen PA-C CVMC ExpressCare
Borofsky, Jennifer MD CVMC Hospitalist Program
Bouchard, Michael DPM CVMC Orthopedics & Podiatry
Boucher, Ali PT, DPT CVMC Rehabilitation Therapy - Berlin
Brazelton, Jason MD CVMC Laboratory
Brereton, Anne NP CVMC ExpressCare
Briere, Lauren OTR/L, MOT CVMC Rehabilitation Therapy - Main Campus
Brown, Jeff DO CVMC Inpatient Psychiatric Unit
Brundage, William MD CVMC ENT
Buchanan, Judy PT, DPT, CBIS CVMC Rehabilitation Therapy - Berlin
Byrd, Pamela PA-C CVMC ExpressCare
Byrne, Emily FNP, APRN CVMC Integrative Family Medicine - Montpelier
Campbell, Quincy FNP CVMC ExpressCare
Carey, Andrea DNP, FNP-BC CVMC Cardiology
Carlet, Maya DNP CVMC ExpressCare
Carlson, Rima MD CVMC Integrative Family Medicine - Montpelier
Carpenter, Conor MD CVMC Inpatient Psychiatric Unit
Carr, Priscilla MD, FACP CVMC Adult Primary Care - Barre
Celley, Alisha PT, DPT CVMC Rehabilitation Therapy - Berlin
Chamberlain, Irene PA-C CVMC ExpressCare
Chaucer, Katie DNP, CPNP-PC CVMC Pediatrics Primary Care - Berlin