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Environmental Services

CVMC Environmental Technician Claire Pignone

Inspired to Care

"I work with a good group of people and I like the environment. There’s always something different going on and I love listening to patients’ stories."

Claire Pignone
Environmental Services Tech

CVMC Environmental Technician Diana Ashford

Inspired to Care

"I wish I came to work for CVMC years ago. I feel like I belong here, like I accomplish something and help our patients, and I go home in a good mood. Paid vacation days are nice too."

Diana Ashford
Environmental Services Tech

CVMC Environmental Technicians Claire Pignone and Liz McDougal

Inspired to Care

"We very much all operate as a team. It makes the workplace much less stressful when you know everybody’s got your back."

Liz McDougal
Environmental Services Tech
[Claire Pignone, left/Liz McDougal, right]

CVMC Environmental Technician Shayna Lucey

Inspired to Care

"It’s great to know that I brighten a patient’s day with a nice clean room."

Environmental Services Tech


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Build Your Career at CVMC

Are you looking for more than just a job? Being an Environmental Technician at CVMC is a rewarding customer-service driven role that uses the newest technologies to provide a clean and safe environment for all of our customers.

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Pride in our Work

We are not housekeepers or custodians. We function at a higher level in a complex health care environment. Our staff experience a strong sense of value, satisfaction and pride knowing that their work contributes to keeping our patients healthy.

Part of a Team

As environmental services professionals, we are valued members of the CVMC health care team. In addition to working alongside a dedicated EVS team, we enjoy interacting with patients and other clinical staff who appreciate our efforts in preventing the spread of infection.

Great Pay and Benefits

Our EVS employees are eligible for CVMC’s excellent benefit package. This includes health, dental, vision, disability, and life insurance as well as a retirement plan. We also offer paid time off for holidays, sick days, and vacations AND if you work nights, evenings, or weekends, you will receive a higher pay rate.

One of the biggest joys I have as a director here is having a staff member come in, work in the kitchen, work in environmental services, get recognized for their hard work, their quality, and then move up through the system. That is absolutely my biggest joy.

~Terry Redmond, Director of Support Services


We are more than just science. At our heart, we are 1700 employees united by an inspiration to care for our community.

The pay and benefits are two big reasons I’m here, but the way they take care of us is incredible. They go the extra mile to make employees feel appreciated. It’s also a company you can move up in. There are a lot of opportunities here.

~Liz McDougal, EVS Tech


Meet Our Talent Acquisition Partners

Megan Foster

“The most rewarding part of my position is the opportunity to build relationships and see them grow. It is exciting to meet new people from around the country, share with them what CVMC has to offer and how they can join our team, and then invite them to become a part of our community!”

Sarah Estese

Sarah Estes

“My favorite part of my job is helping candidates find their dream job. To hear the excitement of a newly graduated nurse that you just made an offer to is truly rewarding and is only one of many examples. Helping people is my passion and this position allows me to do that.”

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Our team is deeply committed to our patients, our families and this community. Every day we strive to optimize the care and services we provide to assure the highest possible quality of care.

~Anna Tempesta Noonan, President and Chief Operating Officer

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