CVMC Therapists Certified for Lymphedema Management

Release Date: 
March 4, 2013

Berlin, Vt --- Marlaina Montgomery, OTR/L, CLT and Sarah Avery, PT, WCC, CLT were recently certified for Lymphedema Management joining a team that includes four others in Central Vermont Medical Center’s Rehabilitation Services Department.

They took their certification training at The Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy, an educational institution for training clinical staff  in the Foeldi Method of Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT), the therapeutic system regarded as the "Gold Standard" for the treatment of lymphedema by the International Society of Lymphology (ISL). 

Lymphedema is a chronic and, if left untreated, progressive condition that occurs when the lymph system has been damaged or blocked. The buildup of fluids in soft body tissues causes swelling, typically in the arms or legs. With appropriate intervention, it can be brought under control.

CVMC Rehabilitation Services offers a Comprehensive Lymphedema Treatment program that consists of manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), compression bandaging, exercises, skin care, nutritional counseling, compression garments and support. Treatment is given several times a week over a 4 week period, typically reducing swelling in 7 to 10 sessions.

For more information about Lymphedema Treatment and CVMC Rehabilitation Services, click here.