Barbara Gould

Barbara Gould, a 50-year resident of Barre, was retired for just five days from her 17 years as a caregiver/nurse at Heaton Woods when she went in for hip surgery at Dartmouth-Hitchcock. After complications kept her at Dartmouth-Hitchcock much longer than anticipated, she finally arrived at Woodridge, ready to begin her rehab and get back to normal.

“I can’t believe how much I accomplished here,” said Barb. “The routine of having rehab two times a day definitely made a difference. I would never have made this much progress if I had tried to rehab from home. The staff taught me something different every day.”

After working as a caregiver for so many years, Barb definitely decided it was easier to be a caregiver than a patient, but couldn’t say enough about the care she received at Woodridge. “I spent years taking Heaton Woods residents up to Woodridge, and was glad I ended up here. All of the nurses and aides are so helpful and are always there for me.”

While she arrived on a stretcher, after six weeks Barb is looking forward to walking out on her own and finally enjoying her retirement. “We take so many things for granted,” remarked Barb. “Just being outside again, enjoying the green grass, is a pleasure.” Barb also has 5 grandchildren, ages 18 to 26, and the family can now start planning her granddaughter’s wedding, knowing Barb will be there.