Kathy Murphy-Moriarty

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Kathy Murphy-Moriarty

Kathy Murphy-Moriarty rings the bell at the National Life Cancer Treatment Center to signify the end of treatment

My cancer diagnosis was certainly a speed bump in my life's journey, yet the superlative care and heart-warming compassion provided to me by the Mountainview Medical Oncology and CVMC Radiation Oncology 'family' enabled me to face my fear and embrace the tasks of chemotherapy and radiation.

Through Dr. Fram's connection I met a compatriot in the journey and Anne inspired many of my daily steps back to wellness. I suspect we both felt medically cared for by our doctors and nurses, yet for me it was the 'personal touch' by these professionals that carried me forward each and every treatment. Our shared laughter, a comforting hug and a 'you can do it' countdown to 'ring the bell'  completion of treatments maintained my focus on the prize of wellness.

I'm grateful for the unexpected yet highly valued connection to my new-found friend and for the inspiration and care that enabled me to rally to this challenge.

~Kathy Murphy-Moriarity