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Surgical Services

Surgical Services at Central Vermont Medical Center

Our team of highly skilled general surgeons perform a variety of surgical oncology services for the treatment of breast, colon, lung, skin, gynecologic, head and neck, urologic cancers and others.

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At Central Vermont Medical Center, our group of highly skilled general surgeons and specialists provides a variety of surgical oncology services for the treatment of breast cancer, colon cancer, head and neck cancers, gynecologic cancers, lung cancer, skin cancer, urologic cancers and more.

Our Surgeries

Breast Biopsies

Ultrasound-Guided Biopsies and Stereotactic Biopsies are performed to determine the presence of cancer.

Learn more about these procedures.

Breast Cancer

Breast Conservation/Lumpectomy, Mastectomy, Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy, Axillary Dissection, and Chemotherapy Infusion Port Placement are performed for the treatment of breast cancer.

Learn more about these procedures.

Colon Cancer

A colectomy (or a segmental resection) or laparoscopic-assisted colectomy are surgical options for most colorectal cancers.

Learn more about these procedures.

Skin Cancer

CVMC’s general surgeons can remove most basal cell and squamous cell cancers, as well as melanomas. Complete surgical removal (excision) is the most successful and common treatment for both nonmelanomas and melanoma. Excision removes the entire melanoma along with a border (margin) of normal-appearing skin.

Occasionally, if a more extensive resection and/or reconstruction is required, the surgeon may refer you to a specialist.

Gynecologic Cancers

Treatment of women with gynecologic cancers such as ovarian, cervical and uterine cancer.

Other Cancers

Our surgeons perform surgeries on less common cancers of the GI system, thyroid, and more. If you have any questions about surgeries available at CVMC, our surgeons are always available for consult with you or your primary care doctor.

Our Team Approach

Surgeons at CVMC work closely with our medical oncologists at Mountainview Medical and our radiation oncologists at the National Life Cancer Treatment Center to ensure that you receive the most comprehensive and effective treatment plan for your particular cancer.

This collaborative environment is further enhanced through monthly meetings where our entire oncology staff come together to discuss patient treatment plans and advancements in cancer care.


Our surgeons are always available for consultation with you or your primary care doctor. While our general surgeons do not treat all forms of cancers, they are extremely knowledgeable and can help educate you and/or your primary care doctor about all the treatment options available at CVMC and provide referrals to appropriate specialists when necessary. For contact information, click here.

Second Opinions

Getting a second opinion is always encouraged in cancer care—it will not offend us and should not make you feel uncomfortable. This helps you and your family make informed decisions and feel assured the treatment you choose is the most appropriate for you.

General Surgeons

The following is a list of general surgeons at CVMC who offer surgical oncology services related to breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, and more:

General Surgeon
General Surgeon


In addition, the following specialists also perform surgical procedures at CVMC:

Gynecologic Cancers

Head and Neck (ENT) Cancers

Lung Cancer