Dr. Jeremiah Eckhaus of Integrative Family Medicine - Montpelier on video call with patient

Dr. Jeremiah Eckhaus from CVMC Integrative Family Medicine – Montpelier discusses care with his patient using the video conferencing app, Zoom.

Telehealth - Don’t Wait to Receive Care

Posted on Wednesday, April 22, 2020 by UVM Health Network - CVMC

Central Vermont Medical Center has significantly expanded telehealth services in Central Vermont in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since beginning a pilot phase six weeks ago, CVMC has had nearly 6,000 telephone and video visits with patients. As most of us stay home to help flatten the curve of the outbreak, this expanded tool could not come at a better time to help protect our communities while also preserving access to care.

CVMC’s health experts remind you not to delay needed care. Mild or moderate symptoms and chronic conditions can worsen without attention.

“A lot of what we do in primary care is prevention, health promotion, and relationship building,” says Dr. Jeremiah Eckhaus. “The coronavirus pandemic may have changed the way we deliver that care, but through video visits, we can continue to have both essential and preventative check-ins with our patients.”

Here’s How It Works

First, talk with your health care provider to see if a video visit is right for you. If so, you’ll be scheduled and contacted by our support team to help you prepare, which includes downloading the Zoom Cloud Meetings app either from the app store onto your iPhone or iPad or from Google Play onto your Android. If you need another option, our support staff will be able to help.


“A patient can get a lot of their own vitals from home, and that’s helpful,” says Dr. Eckhaus. “We can get a pulse rate, weight, and if they have a blood pressure cuff, which a lot of my patients have, we can get their blood pressure as well.”

Some patients, like John Hopkins from Montpelier, are using their smartphone to help get vitals. “I use AliveCor, which adds a heart rhythm detector to the back of my phone. The app helps me collect data on my weight, medicine intake, blood pressure, and heart rate, all of which I can share with my doctor.”

CVMC is also using video visits in other settings such as Rehabilitation Therapy, specialty practices such as Cardiology and Psychiatry, and to help our residents at Woodridge Rehabilitation and Nursing visit with their loved ones.

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, CVMC continues to offer safe, high quality care to the Central Vermont region.

For more information about Central Vermont Medical Center’s response to the coronavirus, visit www.cvmc.org/coronavirus. ​​​

UPDATE: Recently, you may have heard reports of security and privacy issues with Zoom and we want to reassure you that the Zoom program that UVM Health Network has implemented across our practices is secure and private. Learn more about our security procedures.

Practices Supporting Telehealth Services

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