Dr. Valentine and his collegues at the Relay for Life in 2012

Dr. Valentine Honored as Physician of the Year by Vermont Medical Society

Posted on Tuesday, November 17, 2015 by UVM Health Network - CVMC

[Above, Dr. Valentine flanked by his colleagues at the Relay for Life in 2012. From left to right: Jane Valentine, Elaine Owen, APRN; Marilyn Hart, MD; John Valentine, MD; Daniel Fram, MD; Nicole Belanger, MD.]

The Vermont Medical Society recently named UVM Health Network - Central Vermont Medical Center’s John W. Valentine, M.D., Physician of the Year for “the exemplary and respectful care that he has given his many patients and their families as an oncologist in Central Vermont for the past 35 years.”

After completing his oncology training at the University of Vermont, Dr. Valentine opened his practice in 1980, bringing specialized cancer treatment to patients in Central Vermont. He is known for his medical expertise, respect for his patients and gentle sense of humor.

 “Dr. Valentine has consistently offered his patients knowledgeable, state-of-the-art cancer treatment while helping them navigate through their world of cancer from diagnosis to end-of-life with amazing compassion, honesty and great skill,” said the Vermont Medical Society.

His contributions have gone far beyond the doors of his own practice. He was instrumental in both the creation of the cancer center at CVMC and the establishment of palliative care service at the medical center. He also served for many years as the backup Hospice medical director and chairman of CVMC’s credentialing committee.

“Dr. Valentine brings his empathy, his humanity and his heart to work every day. His dedication and compassion to his patients and CVMC as a whole have made a lasting impact on us all,” said Judy Tartaglia, CVMC President & CEO. “He’s been a rock. His efforts have helped institute the quality standards that form the bedrock of CVMC today.”

His longtime practice partner Dr. Marilyn Hart, who presented him with the award, said that although Dr. Valentine has enriched Vermont with both his hard work and clinical skill, it was his character, not his accomplishments, that meant most to his patients suffering from cancer. 

“What matters to them is that the doctor caring for them is fully present, imminently qualified, honest and compassionate,” said Dr. Hart. “No doctor embodies these characteristics more than John Valentine; no one is more worthy of the Physician of the Year award than he.”

Dr. Valentine will retire from CVMC this week after more than a quarter century of service. He will be missed.

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