Exterior of Woodridge Entrance

Woodridge Courtyard Renewal

You can be part of renewing Woodridge’s hidden gem.


Woodridge Courtyard Renewal Project

You Can Help. Join us in renewing this wonderful feature of life at Woodridge.

With your help, our Woodridge residents and visitors will soon enjoy a renewed outdoor courtyard that is as safe as it is beautiful. Originally constructed 30 years ago, the courtyard proved to be an invaluable link to the natural world during the pandemic. This necessary upgrade will allow the courtyard to remain open and safe for our residents and their families to enjoy for years to come.

The courtyard is funded entirely by donations and the CVMC endowment.

New Courtyard Features

  • Natural stone waterfall and pond
  • Sensory garden for touch and smell
  • Multiple sitting areas for residents and families
  • Direct access from Activity Room
  • And more...

The chance to safely enjoy the outdoors here in Vermont is essential!

Architectural rending of Woodridge courtyard.

Architectural rending of Woodridge courtyard's lawn and seating area.

Lawn and seating area

Architectural rending of Woodridge courtyard's custom planters with pergola and water feature.

Custom planters with pergola and water feature