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Woodridge Nursing

Inspired to Care - Jobs available for energetic, compassionate and deeply committed LNAs, LPNs, and RNs.

Inspired to Care - Looking for energetic, compassionate and deeply committed LNAs, LPNs, and RNs to join our team at Woodridge Rehabilitation & Nursing.

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Woodridge Rehabilitation & Nursing is known for excellence in nursing, from standard services to highly skilled care, such as palliative care, advanced wound treatment and pain management. As part of the University of Vermont Health Network, we offer a rewarding career, competitive pay rates, excellent benefits, a flexible work schedule, a safe lifting program, and opportunities for growth and advancement. Click here to learn more about Woodridge Rehabilitation & Nursing.

Woodridge LNA

Licensed Nursing Assistant

Woodridge LNAs provide basic nursing services and work under the supervision of a licensed practical nurse. Responsibilities include communicating with patients, assisting with personal care, helping patients become ambulatory and answering patient calls to provide other forms of assistance.

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Woodridge LPN

Licensed Practical Nurse

Woodridge LPNs work under the direction of a doctor or registered nurse. Most LPNs provide basic bedside care to patients. They take vital signs such as temperature, blood pressure, pulse, and respiration and are responsible for administering medications, doing treatments and overseeing the work of LNAs.

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Woodridge RN

Registered Nurse

Woodridge RNs work under the supervision of the Nurse Unit Director and supervise and coordinate all activities related to both direct and indirect nursing care for patients on the assigned unit. They serve as a patient advocate and provide education and comfort to both patients and family members.

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Woodridge - Testimonial - Melissa

I started working here when I was 16 years old as a geriatric aide. That was six years ago. Since then I’ve worked hard to become a Licensed Practical Nurse. Now I’m applying to school to become a Registered Nurse. I’ve tried working at other places, but I always come back to Woodridge.

The residents inspire me to come to work every day. They are like family.

I really do have a passion for geriatric care. I feel really appreciated for what I do. Smiles and thank you’s mean a lot. It’s rewarding to make someone feel better.

Working here reminds me of my Gram. She was my best friend, someone who always saw the positives inside me and inspired me to believe in myself. I think of her all the time. When I’m working I’m not just passing pills, I’m taking care of each individual person and treating them like I would want my Gram to be treated.

Woodridge - Testimonial - Miranda

I’ve been at Woodridge for five years. After graduation from Montpelier High School I took the Licensed Nursing Assistant course through the Barre Technical Center. When I got here, I fell in love with it. It’s like a whole second family. Now I’m taking the prerequisites for nursing school so I can become a Licensed Practical Nurse.

It was actually one of the residents that inspired me to go back to school. She was a nurse during WWII and she encouraged me to continue my education. Her stories made a real impact on me. The residents’ families also make working here worthwhile. A letter from one of the resident’s sons comes to mind. He wrote about how good it felt that we really got to know his mom and how much it meant to him to see her happy at the end of her lifetime. It’s important to me to make sure that people are cared for well.

I lost my father two years ago and when I see the residents I think of him. They are my adopted parents and grandparents. I love hearing their stories. The residents are my inspiration. I joke that instead of keeping me young, they keep me old – reminding me of what matters in life.