Medical Oncology

Central Vermont Oncology at Mountainview Medical, a member of CVMC’s Medical Group Practices, has been providing oncology and hematology services for patients of central Vermont for many years.

Our medical oncologists, hematologist and oncology advanced practice nurse, along with other dedicated staff, provide all aspects of medical oncology care and outpatient infusion services for adults with cancer and blood-related diseases. Infusion services include chemotherapy, as well as additional medications and treatments.

Coordination of Care

Cancer treatment is influenced by many factors, including the specific characteristics of your disease; your overall health; and whether the goal of treatment is to cure your disease, keep it from spreading, or to relieve symptoms. Depending on these factors, your treatment will often require some combination of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. It is very common to use several treatments in combination or in sequence with the goal of preventing recurrence.

Our staff works closely with CVMC’s surgeons and radiation oncologists to ensure that you receive the most appropriate and comprehensive treatment plan for your cancer.

From L to R: David Ospina, MD: Daniel Fram, MD; John Valentine, MD; Wendy Herring, RN; Pam Fournier, RN; Elaine Owen, APRN

Treating the Whole Patient

At Mountainview Medical, the doctors, nurses and support staff are committed to treating the whole patient. We understand that a diagnosis of cancer ripples across all aspects of your life, affecting your emotional well-being, your nutritional status and ability to stay active, your family, your work, your finances, and more. We strongly believe that maintaining a healthy mind and body is an essential part of the healing process and work with our patients to make sure that all of their needs and concerns are being met. Mountainview Medical is dedicated to safe, effective, compassionate, and patient-centered care.

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Getting a Second Opinion

Mountainview Medical considers getting a second opinion to be a very important part of a patient’s education about their particular type of cancer and available treatment options—it will not offend us and should not make you feel uncomfortable! We encourage you to learn as much as possible about your diagnosis and treatment options. This helps you and your family make informed decisions and feel assured the treatment you choose is the most appropriate for you. Our office staff will set up the appointment and assist you in gathering your medical records, radiology and pathology information. We will also provide a medical referral if required by your insurance company.

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No one wants to have cancer, but the care I have received from Dr. Valentine and his staff have made a difficult situation much easier to deal with. He and his "nurses and office staff are the best!

Everyone treats me with such special care as if I was the only patient. Dr. Ospina I'm sure is keeping me going. I'm so glad he is there.